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By George Harrison
Copyright 1965 Northern Songs Limited

G           C
If I needed someone to love,
G                   C               F
You're the one that I'd be thinking of
Dm7         G7        F
If I needed someone.
G             C
If I had some more time to spend,
G                C              F
Then I guess I'd be with you my friend.
Dm7         G7        F   G
If I needed someone.
Dm                E7
Had you come some other day
Then it might not have been like this,
Dm              E7              Am     D7
But you see now I'm too much in love.
G                 C
Carve your number on my wall
    G              C               F
And maybe you will get a call from me.
Dm7         G7        G
If I needed someone.

Recorded Saturday, October, 16 and Monday, October 18, 1965.

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