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Side One

Drive My Car
I'm Only Sleeping
Nowhere Man
Dr. Robert
Act Naturally

Side Two

And Your Bird Can Sing
If I Needed Someone
We Can Work It Out
What Goes On?
Day Tripper

In August 1966, Capital Records issued,
in the U.S., the album "The Beatles-Yesterday And Today".

With songs from the British L.P.'s Help, Revolver,
and three songs to be released later in the U.K.,
the album is famous for what is referred to as the "butcher sleeve".

Though John Lennon called the album cover "as relevant as Vietnam",
because of it's "offensive" nature, the album was almost immediately
recalled and repackaged.

Here, along with a few photos, lyrics and guitar chords,
and a little bit of recording information,
the album is "reproduced" in midi files!!!

(Yeah, a stupid idea, but that's what the Yeller Pages is about!)

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