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World/New Age

Welcome to Yeller's Shoppe. You can check out Yeller's favorite artists and buy any of their albums, or search for something totally different. You'll get great music at great prices!

The Beatles
Definitely "The Greatest Show On Earth"!

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Abbey Road


If The Beatles were "The Greatest Show On Earth",
Badfinger definitely was rapidly becoming
the second!
'Tis a shame they got into the mess they did!

No Dice

No Matter What

The Kinks
The Rolling Stones claim to be the "Greatest
Rock And Roll Band Of All Time", but they have
nothing over The Kinks!
Ray Davies is one of the greatest rock lyricist
ever to come along!
God Save The Kinks!

Preservation Acts I & II
You Really Got Me

Led Zeppelin
The Greatest Heavy Metal Band of all time!!

Led Zeppelin II

Whole Lotta Love

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