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World/New Age

Welcome to Yeller's "Post Beatles" CD Emporium, featuring music by The Beatles after the break-up!

John Lennon
Definitely the "brains" behind the Beatles!

The John Lennon Collection

Paul McCartney
"Mr. Bubblegum"! He did, however, put
out a few good albums!

Maybe I'm Amazed

George Harrison
Had the most potential after the Beatles
broke up. Though he somewhat disappointed
us, on the whole his albums are still great!

Cloud Nine
Cheer Down

Ringo Starr
Very under-rated! Album for album, Ringo
has actually put out less "garbage" than
Sir Paul. And his "All Starr Band" concerts
are fantastic! (Too bad they haven't all
seen CD release!)
Keep up the Good Work, Ringo!

Stop And Smell The Roses

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